The history and story behind a piece is as essential as the composition itself.
The Mimi Prober signature collection is handcrafted using recovered fragments of antique materials dating from the 18th to early 20th centuries, natural and locally produced luxury fibers, as well as botanical based dye methods that have been uniquely developed into custom textiles that are organically designed, artisanal, and seasonless. Through a zero-waste philosophy, each piece is created by hand with one of a kind placement that highlights the individual history and story. A pioneer of sustainable luxury, Prober is celebrated for her decorative and unique beading, embroidery, and lace designs.
Integrating the artistry of the past and establishing a sustainable future through the reuse of antique materials to create modern handcrafted heirlooms. Honoring the hands that created the art.
The Mimi Prober sustainable luxury Atelier, Ready to Wear, and Fine Jewelry collections are produced in New York, partnering directly with local artisans, farms, mills, and manufacturers.


The inspiration of the divine feminine resonates throughout the collection; the opening look, a hand embroidered cape with patchwork quilting dating to the 19th century encapsulates this vision with a simple “MOTHER” hand embroidery on the sleeve. The connection to the past and honoring each hand that created the art continues throughout.
Rare antique textiles (hand embroidered quilting, silk velvet, lace, jet beadwork, and embroidery) all carry the stories of the past, where each piece is one of a kind, crafted into modern heirlooms.
Natural dye techniques include local indigo, botanical flora dyeing, and Japanese mud dye. Custom textiles such as knits and felts are handcrafted using the finest local fiber (Paco Vicuna and Cashmere) Mother Earth has gifted us with, with antique lace fragments encapsulated within.


A petal’s artistic individuality and the flower’s purpose take on inspired forms through natural botanical floral transfer. Embracing the divine connection of our earth and the bounty it brings us; bouquets of discarded flora take on new visual meaning – achieving artistic watercolor expression and one-of-a-kind natural color through this unique healing and meditative process.
Natural color throughout the textiles are achieved using hand dye processes; botanical flora (rose, hibiscus, and hydrangea are at the forefront – sprinkled with sunflower, marigold, wildflowers), local indigo, logwood, and Japanese Bengala traditional mud dye techniques are accented to create an ethereal range of tones which complement colors originally found within the textiles (black, ivory, jewel tones).
The signature Mimi Prober brand philosophy of incorporating rare antique textiles continues throughout this collection. Highlighting intricate patchwork quilting (all hand embroidered and dated c. 1880’s-early 1920’s), where each individual fragment is a part of the creator’s history. Handwoven linen/hemp (originating from antique textiles that have lived a past life on old farms, which have been reinvented through hand dyed flora, natural color, and embroidery into new silhouettes).  Reimagined antique Boro and Sashiko stitching techniques with naturally dyed indigo and sumi textiles (originating from Japan c. 1800’s). Whispy layers of antique lace from around the world are combined with exquisite embroidery (jet beads, steel beads, beetlewing, seed pearl, and sterling [c. 1860’s-1920’s], and billowy webbed knits intertwined with local luxury materials and encapsulated lace fragments.


Artist and Designer Mimi Prober’s aesthetic vision integrates the artistry of the past and establishes a sustainable future through the reuse of antique materials to create modern handcrafted heirlooms.
Each piece is unique with natural variation and individual antique lace and textile placement dating from the 18th c. to early 20th c. Mimi Prober uses natural fibers, organic dyes acquired from the earth, and favors the intricacies of textiles that are handmade, as this establishes the story and connection to the artists who came before us and their unique craft. Sharing the history of these materials into a new vision, while honoring each hand that created the art. By combining recovered antique materials into the creation of custom textiles and employing hand-sewn techniques, artistically designed sustainable garments are created that achieve zero waste and captures the irreplaceable history for a new generation that would have otherwise been lost with these forgotten fragments.
The Mimi Prober collection is not differentiated by seasons; each collection is a connected philosophy building upon the individual inspiration, techniques, and ideas. This transformative nature provides a continuous connection to the individual piece, as well as a visual experience showcasing the artistic evolution of the collection itself.


The Mimi Prober Metamorphosed Art fine jewelry collection is crafted using reclaimed sterling silver dating from the 19th to early 20th centuries as well as sustainably sourced reclaimed 18k gold used as the foundation for rare antique lace imprints. Each collection piece is developed organically into a modern sculptural form.


The Mimi Prober Atelier collection is individually handcrafted in our New York design studio and produced entirely in New York. Clients who are interested in working directly to create a customized Atelier piece have the opportunity to view the current collection and/or commission a one-of-a-kind garment. The Mimi Prober Atelier brand philosophy provides an intimate custom design process taken from the haute-couture salons of the past, with a connection to the custom development and artistic process of creating a modern heirloom garment.


Mimi Prober, a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, has received acclaim for her collection and philosophy, as well as her holistic and sustainable approach to design, which has been recognized internationally and featured in Vogue, WWD, Elle, L’Officiel, Glamour, People, Interview Magazine, and more. Worn by Rihanna, Erykah Badu, Misty Copeland, Halsey, Kelly Osbourne, CL, Hailee Steinfeld, and seen on the Billboard Women in Music Awards, Soul Train Awards, Kennedy Center Honors, CMA Awards, NBC ‘The Voice’, and Rocktopia on Broadway.
Her work is part of the permanent collection at the Museum at FIT, where a piece from the ‘Dreamscape’ collection is currently on view for the exhibition ‘Fashion Unraveled‘ through November 17, 2018. The collection was also highlighted in collaboration with the Museum of the City of New York, for the ‘Made in New York: Fashion Forward’ exhibition, featuring a selection of artists who design and produce in New York City.
The Mimi Prober collection is shown at New York Fashion Week, NYFW: The Shows, sponsored by IMG and produced by Kelly Cutrone and the People’s Revolution team.